Finding my old unpublished files from my exchange program period

The students who wanted to have home visit on Nov 26th 2005 – Nov 27th 2005 had to gathered at the main building at 12.45 pm. There were 10 students who participated in the home visit that weekend, but among them only 2 from JUSST students (me and Yo).

My host family is Sato Family. This family consists of 4 people, father (a writer), mother (chef) and two daughters (Sakura and Momoko). The daughters are twin, but not identical twin. It means that their face not the same. Sakura is bigger than Momoko. She is cheerful and active girl. On the other hand, Momoko seems to be a quiet person. She is kind too. Both of them are in the third grade of elementary school.

The father showed up in UEC about 1.00 pm with his daughter, Sakura. After the opening session by Mrs. Tanaka (and photo session by Mika-san), we went to their house. On the way to their house, we had a little chat to know each other. The father asked me about what kind of sport did I play, and I answered ping pong. We arrived at his house about 2.00 pm.

There was a cooking lesson by the mother for about 7 or 8 women. I didn’t know which type of food they were learning. I put my bag in the house and go to the community centre with the father and Sakura. There are three ping pong tables in that community centre. Because the father had to go to the Ballet centre with Momoko, I played ping pong with Sakura. It seems that it’s the first time for her to play ping pong. The father showed up about 45 minutes later and play ping pong with me. He’s quite good too. Meanwhile, Sakura, and her other two friends play badminton.

After the ping pong, the father showed me several people (elderly person) who played “GO”, something about Chinese chess. I don’t know that game. So I just watch and still don’t understand how to play that. We went to the second floor afterwards. There is a library in the second floor. The father was looking a book about Indonesia. He found a book about Indonesia (without many pictures) and a book of Bali (with many pictures). He borrowed the book about Bali.

Our dinner was sushi, apple and potato fried, pork, chicken with sesame, and Italian food that I forget the name, and Indonesian omelet (that should be hot, but it was not hot) that I cooked. We had a chat about Japanese and Indonesian culture after the dinner. The mother had a book about Indonesian food. There were several foods that I haven’t known before. She knows how to cook “Gado-gado”, “Rendang” – food from west Sumatra. After few months in Japan, I realized that the chilly in Japan is not hot, Japanese has big green chilly, and Indonesian has small green chilly. Although it smaller, Indonesian green chili’s hotter than Japanese green chilly. Also the soy sauce, Indonesia has two kinds of soy sauce, the sweet soy sauce and the salty soy sauce. In Japan there is only salty soy sauce. Most of Indonesian foods use the sweet soy sauce. So it not easy too cooks Indonesian food here (for me who is not a good cooker).

After the dinner, we watched movie – Girl, Interrupted – played by Wynona Rider and Angelina Jolie. First it was in English with Japanese subtitle, but few moments later it’s in Japanese with the English subtitle. It seems every movie in Japan is dubbed to Japanese, which is uncommon in Indonesia (for Hollywood movies).


I wrote it because of its a requirement as said in this email


Dear Home Visit 12 Participants,


Thank you very much for participating in the UEC Home Visit 12. We all hope that you had a great
time with your host family.

We still have not received KANSOUBUN, a report about your homevisit from you. It does not need to be
long article (10 sentences are fine) if you do not have enough time. Just write how you spent your
time with your host family and your impression. Please e-mail us, so we can refer it for the future
homevisit program.

This is a requirement for all home visit participants!


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