The trip was wonderful (and tired too). Well, I’ve seen japanese geisha for the first time (before kyoto only in pictures) and beautiful red leaves in Kyoto and Nara. First day -> Universal Studio, when the door open all of us rush to spiderman section. It was so funny to see many people running that way. We came to early, about 7.30 and the universal studio open at 10.00.
          Second day -> Kyoto all day. City of temples and shrines. Maybe there are one temple for 10 kyotoites :p. We went to Arashimaya -> Togetsuko Bridge -> Ninnaji -> Kinkakuji (Gold Pavillion)-> Ryoanji -> Tokyo Imperial Palace -> Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) -> Heian Shrine (too bad its closed when we get there) -> Nishiki Market. I just like the golden pavilion and the imperial palace, where I meet a scary dog which was very unfriendly to me. Bad dog.
          Third Day -> Kyoto and Nara. There were three groups that day. I went with Liu Jia, Xiao Xin, Maggie, Xie, and Thomas. We went to Kyoto station (futuristic station) -> Honganji -> Nanzenji -> Gion (Geisha place) -> Yasaka jinja (there was a wedding there, so lucky) -> Kiyomizudera (the best temple that day). After that we left Kyoto, heading to Nara. Information in the map is false. We walked more that 2 km to find Todaiji, instead of 1 km (from the map). We only visit Todaiji (Big Buddha), Nara Park (Deer), Kasuga Taisha and only see Kofukuji. The deer in Nara park so ugly. I was thinking of cute deer with white dot but we had “goat-like-deer”. That monster bite my ass and my fingers. It cannot differentiate biscuits and flesh. So kowai. After it bite my hand, I use chopstick to feed those wild animals.
          Fourth day -> Kobe and Himeji. We saw Himeji Castle. After that we went to see Akasi Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in Japan (or world???). For detail ask Colin. then -> Foreigner house -> Kobe port -> China Town and finally going back to Tokyo.
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