I went to Mishima last Saturday and Sunday with Beer and Colin. It was interesting.We can see Fuji-san clearly from the shinkansen. Natsuko’s parents picked us up in the station and we went to MOA (Museum of Arts) somewhere in Atami. It was nice, MOA has Rembrant’s and Monet’s painting. They have golden tea room and Noh theater too  After the museum we went to onsen. I cannot differentiate the difference between onsen and sento. Whatever. After the sento we’ve tried yukata, and the yukata for me is so big. So I look so funny with that yukata. We met Natsuko in the night. Nachte haltestelle -> Okinawa’s restaurant. Okinawa’s music and drunken japanese guy. And new word for me “DOKI DOKI”
The next day we visit somewhere near the fuji-san. It was cloudy so that we can’t see fuji-san clearly   😦 Next we have lunch near a lake, and I see seven eleven again. So many seven eleven in Japan. After that mishima shirine. We took a picture with a kawai girl with kimono. It was good, after we see kowai dog in the morning try to bite someone. I see “cabe rawit” or green chilly for the first time in Japan. Natsuko’s father plant it in his garden. Finally after 1.5 month I can taste it. Overall, last weekend was interesting. I have had my first “home visit” and Colin has his 2nd (???) “home visit”. I don’t know much about Beer -> (how many home visits have  you had??)
Sampai Jumpa