November 2005

Finding my old unpublished files from my exchange program period

The students who wanted to have home visit on Nov 26th 2005 – Nov 27th 2005 had to gathered at the main building at 12.45 pm. There were 10 students who participated in the home visit that weekend, but among them only 2 from JUSST students (me and Yo).

My host family is Sato Family. This family consists of 4 people, father (a writer), mother (chef) and two daughters (Sakura and Momoko). The daughters are twin, but not identical twin. It means that their face not the same. Sakura is bigger than Momoko. She is cheerful and active girl. On the other hand, Momoko seems to be a quiet person. She is kind too. Both of them are in the third grade of elementary school.

The father showed up in UEC about 1.00 pm with his daughter, Sakura. After the opening session by Mrs. Tanaka (and photo session by Mika-san), we went to their house. On the way to their house, we had a little chat to know each other. The father asked me about what kind of sport did I play, and I answered ping pong. We arrived at his house about 2.00 pm.

There was a cooking lesson by the mother for about 7 or 8 women. I didn’t know which type of food they were learning. I put my bag in the house and go to the community centre with the father and Sakura. There are three ping pong tables in that community centre. Because the father had to go to the Ballet centre with Momoko, I played ping pong with Sakura. It seems that it’s the first time for her to play ping pong. The father showed up about 45 minutes later and play ping pong with me. He’s quite good too. Meanwhile, Sakura, and her other two friends play badminton.

After the ping pong, the father showed me several people (elderly person) who played “GO”, something about Chinese chess. I don’t know that game. So I just watch and still don’t understand how to play that. We went to the second floor afterwards. There is a library in the second floor. The father was looking a book about Indonesia. He found a book about Indonesia (without many pictures) and a book of Bali (with many pictures). He borrowed the book about Bali.

Our dinner was sushi, apple and potato fried, pork, chicken with sesame, and Italian food that I forget the name, and Indonesian omelet (that should be hot, but it was not hot) that I cooked. We had a chat about Japanese and Indonesian culture after the dinner. The mother had a book about Indonesian food. There were several foods that I haven’t known before. She knows how to cook “Gado-gado”, “Rendang” – food from west Sumatra. After few months in Japan, I realized that the chilly in Japan is not hot, Japanese has big green chilly, and Indonesian has small green chilly. Although it smaller, Indonesian green chili’s hotter than Japanese green chilly. Also the soy sauce, Indonesia has two kinds of soy sauce, the sweet soy sauce and the salty soy sauce. In Japan there is only salty soy sauce. Most of Indonesian foods use the sweet soy sauce. So it not easy too cooks Indonesian food here (for me who is not a good cooker).

After the dinner, we watched movie – Girl, Interrupted – played by Wynona Rider and Angelina Jolie. First it was in English with Japanese subtitle, but few moments later it’s in Japanese with the English subtitle. It seems every movie in Japan is dubbed to Japanese, which is uncommon in Indonesia (for Hollywood movies).


I wrote it because of its a requirement as said in this email


Dear Home Visit 12 Participants,


Thank you very much for participating in the UEC Home Visit 12. We all hope that you had a great
time with your host family.

We still have not received KANSOUBUN, a report about your homevisit from you. It does not need to be
long article (10 sentences are fine) if you do not have enough time. Just write how you spent your
time with your host family and your impression. Please e-mail us, so we can refer it for the future
homevisit program.

This is a requirement for all home visit participants!


International Affairs Office
The University of Electro-Communications
Tokyo, Japan

TEL: (+81)424-43-5117
FAX: (+81)424-43-5116

          The trip was wonderful (and tired too). Well, I’ve seen japanese geisha for the first time (before kyoto only in pictures) and beautiful red leaves in Kyoto and Nara. First day -> Universal Studio, when the door open all of us rush to spiderman section. It was so funny to see many people running that way. We came to early, about 7.30 and the universal studio open at 10.00.
          Second day -> Kyoto all day. City of temples and shrines. Maybe there are one temple for 10 kyotoites :p. We went to Arashimaya -> Togetsuko Bridge -> Ninnaji -> Kinkakuji (Gold Pavillion)-> Ryoanji -> Tokyo Imperial Palace -> Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) -> Heian Shrine (too bad its closed when we get there) -> Nishiki Market. I just like the golden pavilion and the imperial palace, where I meet a scary dog which was very unfriendly to me. Bad dog.
          Third Day -> Kyoto and Nara. There were three groups that day. I went with Liu Jia, Xiao Xin, Maggie, Xie, and Thomas. We went to Kyoto station (futuristic station) -> Honganji -> Nanzenji -> Gion (Geisha place) -> Yasaka jinja (there was a wedding there, so lucky) -> Kiyomizudera (the best temple that day). After that we left Kyoto, heading to Nara. Information in the map is false. We walked more that 2 km to find Todaiji, instead of 1 km (from the map). We only visit Todaiji (Big Buddha), Nara Park (Deer), Kasuga Taisha and only see Kofukuji. The deer in Nara park so ugly. I was thinking of cute deer with white dot but we had “goat-like-deer”. That monster bite my ass and my fingers. It cannot differentiate biscuits and flesh. So kowai. After it bite my hand, I use chopstick to feed those wild animals.
          Fourth day -> Kobe and Himeji. We saw Himeji Castle. After that we went to see Akasi Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in Japan (or world???). For detail ask Colin. then -> Foreigner house -> Kobe port -> China Town and finally going back to Tokyo.
Bis Später
I went to Mishima last Saturday and Sunday with Beer and Colin. It was interesting.We can see Fuji-san clearly from the shinkansen. Natsuko’s parents picked us up in the station and we went to MOA (Museum of Arts) somewhere in Atami. It was nice, MOA has Rembrant’s and Monet’s painting. They have golden tea room and Noh theater too  After the museum we went to onsen. I cannot differentiate the difference between onsen and sento. Whatever. After the sento we’ve tried yukata, and the yukata for me is so big. So I look so funny with that yukata. We met Natsuko in the night. Nachte haltestelle -> Okinawa’s restaurant. Okinawa’s music and drunken japanese guy. And new word for me “DOKI DOKI”
The next day we visit somewhere near the fuji-san. It was cloudy so that we can’t see fuji-san clearly   😦 Next we have lunch near a lake, and I see seven eleven again. So many seven eleven in Japan. After that mishima shirine. We took a picture with a kawai girl with kimono. It was good, after we see kowai dog in the morning try to bite someone. I see “cabe rawit” or green chilly for the first time in Japan. Natsuko’s father plant it in his garden. Finally after 1.5 month I can taste it. Overall, last weekend was interesting. I have had my first “home visit” and Colin has his 2nd (???) “home visit”. I don’t know much about Beer -> (how many home visits have  you had??)
Sampai Jumpa
Why the weather is become colder? I wish the weather is more friendly to me.
Entah mengapa cuaca di Tokyo jadi semakin dingin. Brrrrrr. Tadi saat menghembuskan nafas aja, keluar uap air. bagaimana kalau musim dingin? bisa-bisa yang keluar butir-butir es. OK berikut ini kegiatan selama beberapa minggu terakhir
Nov 6th Sunday
Indonesian Church @ Suidobashi. Selesai kebaktian kita makan siang “nasi hainan” di restoran singapura. Akhirnya merasakan nasi hainan lagi setelah 2 bulan. Abis itu ke tokyo station mau mengunjungi Imperial Palace, sayangnya cuaca tidak mendukung. jadinya cuman ke Marunouchi Building dan Marunouchi-naka-dori, tempatnya lumayan sepi, padahal ada toko branded spt Prada atau Hermes. Di Marunouchi building lagi ada pameran lukisan. Berhubung buta sama seni, jadi cuman liat2 aja.
Dari situ balik lagi ke Shinjuku naik Yamanote Line. Berhubung cape di kereta tidur bentar, tahu-tahunya pas bangun di Takadanobaba. Sial, kelewatan 2 stasiun lagi. Ya udah ambil kereta lagi ke shinjuku. Mana di shinjuku lagi hujan lagi. Rencana awal mau nyari Yodabashi Camera. Tapi malah ke kinokuniya lagi (beda lokasi dengan yang kemarin). Abis dari situ baru ke Yodobashi.
Balik2 ke dorm, chatting sama hannah, main topic, perbedaan budaya indonesia sama eropa. semua dimulai dari pembicaraan tentang homo dan lesbi. Di eropa banyak, di Indo sedikit (yang nampak). Dia baru dari gym, dan disana katanya banyak homo.  Sepupu gua yg satu ini sedang berusaha melancarkan kemampuan bahasa Indonesianya. Enak juga sih jadi dia, bisa 3 bahasa. Inggris, Ceko dan Indonesia.
Nov 5th Saturday
Kami (Liu Jia, Xiao Xin and me) bareng2 ke Yasukini Jinja (buat gua udah kedua kalinya). Setelah itu ke Waseda University, disana lagi ada festival, jadi rame banget. Ada cheerleader tapi cowok, dengan kelakuan yang aneh2, mengingatkan pada cheerleader anak-anak Pangudi Luhur (sekolah khusus cowok) yang agak nyeleneh. Kita juga sempat mengunjungi kuil yang lumayan bagus. Sayangnya namanya kaga tau, jadinya cuman foto2 aja. Ada anak kecil pake kimono, pengen difoto, jadi ngomong “sasshin totemo i desuka” tapi pas ngomong, malah pake kudasai. Payah.
Setelah itu kita ke Ikebukuro ke Sunshine City -> Toyota Auto Salon Amlux Tokyo -> Suatu jalan yang mengingatkan sama Dortmund central (tapi lebih rame). I miss Dortmund. Setelah itu ke chinese supermarket yang menjual bahan-bahan makanan (termasuk belut, kodok, kura-kura) buset dah. Disana ketemu Ma Ling (Pork). Terakhir melihat benda itu di Carrefour 2 bulan yang lalu. Abis itu harga duren mahal pisan. Bisa bisnis impor durian nih. masa secuil gitu 800 yen????
Sasaran berikut -> nyari kinokuniya di Shinjuku. Karena Xiao Xin dan Liu Jia udah rencana balik, kita misah di Shinjuku. Kinokuniya ternyata ada at least 2 di shinjuku. Jadi berbekal Tokyo Handy Map, dimulailah pencarian tersebut (pake peta biar tdk nyasar). Di takashimaya saat mau foto pohon natal eh malah disamperin satpam, dia bilang “…..sasshin…….” cuman kata sasshin doang yang gua tangkep, sambil nyilang2 tangan, ya udah kaga jadi foto. Di kinokuniya banyak buku bahasa inggris (but no indonesian 😦 books)
Balik-balik ternyata ada birthday party. Felicia dan temannya ulang tahun. Yang bikin bingung, logat Indonesia dia kok aneh ya. Bukan seperti orang yang dibesarkan di Indonesia. Di lantai 4 benar-benar kacau. Kamar Anigi ditempelin toilet paper bertuliskan aneh2, kamar hugo ditulisin spidol “welcome home Hugo”. Bener juga kata Reza, lantai 4 itu lantai yang paling error
Nov 4th Friday
Belajar kanji. Belajar sekitar 14 kanji. Katakana sudah diselesaikan. Sekarang kanji dimulai. Kata gurunya sih kita harus bisa menulis sekitar 60 kanji saat semester ini berakhir.
Nov 3th Thursday
CULTURE DAY HOLIDAY. I love holiday.
NHK Research Laboratory. Kelas TV Broadcasting mengadakan kunjungan ke NHK building. Prof. Toyama yang bawa kita kesana. Yang paling berkesan tentu saja “Super Hi Vision” gambarnya benar-benar real. Pengen punya TV kaya gitu di rumah, tapi pasti mahal dan mesti nunggu bertahun-tahun lagi (soalnya masih di laboratory, belum masuk produksi massal)
Nachte haltestelle -> Shibuya. Kenapa ya hari ini banyak banget orang di shibuya. Di sekitar Hachiko statue banyak orang. Kayanya tempat buat janjian ketemu gitu deh. Dari sini nyari shibuya 109. Dari bawah sampai atas isinya fashion melulu (Anisa dan Feli pasti seneng kalo kesini). dan banyak young girls :-). Kayanya cowoknya dikit banget. Liat kanan kiri cewek semua. Coba UEC kaya gini.
Nov 2nd Wednesday

Katakana test. Sensei awal-awal bilang test ditunda. Eh ternyata Cuma

 Nov 1st Tuesday
Mesin Foto Box di depan P Building dipenuhi 5 orang buat membuat foto. Ramon, Ta, Hugo, Nayeli and me mau ngambil foto bareng-bareng di foto box yang di desain hanya untuk 1 orang itu. Hasilnya rusak. Jadinya pada bete semua 😦
Oct 31st Monday
Happy Halloween.
Oct 30th Sontag
Pertama kalinya ke gereja selama di Jepang. Janjian ketemu sama Martinus di Shinjuku. Berhubung terjadi misscommunication, gua nunggi di KEIO WEST GATE, nanus nunggu di JR WEST GATE, jadi nyari2an deh selama 10an menit. Gerejanya “GIII” di Suidobashi. Banyak ketemu anak Indo, spt Handra, Sony, David, Lita, Virgin, Nanus, dll.
I’m feel like home, so many Indonesian people. Udah gitu mereka lagi jual nasi uduk dengan sambal kacang. Jarang2 kan makan makanan indo di Jepang :). Udah gitu ketemu orang Manado lagi di Tokyo. Kaget juga saat dengar ada orang yang bicara dengan logat manado. (Rilya dan Hendrik).
Dari situ, ternyata ada anggota gereja (Hendry) yang berulang tahun. Jadi kita ke apartemen dia di ODAIBA. Kedua kalinya ke odaiba dalam bulan ini. Ada pesta ultah yang menunya pizza. Enak sih, tapi masih merindukan Pizza hut. Btw disini belum nemu Pizza Hut, yang menu cuma McD dan KFC doang.
Oct 29th Samstag
MEXICAN PARTY. JUSST students dari meksiko merencanakan mexican party di tepi sungai, sayangnya cuaca tidak mendukung, jadinya diadakan di Dormitory. Arqui yang masak-masak makanan. Aaron, Nayeli, Hugo, dan Ramon mempersiapkan segala sesuatunya. Salutnya sama mereka, mereka memperhatikan bahwa Jullietta vegetarian, sehingga ada makanan yang disiapkan khusus buat dia. Yu Ling dan Xiao Xin juga dateng, sama Yo dan Anigi. Di tengah-tengah pesta bergabung Said dan orang Ghana yang namanya aku lupa.
Oct 28th Freitag
MIFO Party. Makanannya banyak banget. Untung aja pas lagi hoki tau ada party ini. Jadi semua makanan kucobain satu demi satu. Udah gitu pas pesta berakhir boleh dibawa pulang lagi kuenya. 🙂
Oct 27th Donnerstag
SENTO. Hari ini bareng2 sama Japanese tutor (Mai, Kocho, Hiro, Makoto ke sento. Anak-anak JUSST yang ikut Jullietta, Colin, James, Anigi, Yo. Saat mau pulang kita baru tahu Jullietta di “kick out” gara-gara dia punya tato. Apes banget deh tuh anak. Ternyata orang jepang tidak suka dengan orang bertato.
Oct 26th Mittwoch
Nothing Special today
Oct 25th Dienstag
Hari Belanja. Udah gitu Beer nunjukin tempat baru “MARUETSU” buat beli daging yang murah. Sayangnya kita telat dateng, sehingga pilihan daging2 cuman dikit. Setelah itu ke hyaku en shop. Guess what. Nemu LUX disitu. Kok bisa ada sabun lux ya disitu. Senangnya.
Oct 24th Montag