I can say, it was the biggest motor show I’ve ever visited. The motor show in Jakarta is not as big as Tokyo. Beer said that this year will be big exhibition, next year will be smaller than this year, and two years later will be big too.
There were many booths, car and motorcycle companies from Japan, Germany, Sweden, England, South Korea, etc paraticipated. The most interesting is Toyota and Honda booths. Toyota has new type of car that is suitable if you have problem how to park your car in a small place and also one person car. Cool
At Honda there was theatre and simulator. We have to wait about 40 minutes to try simulator and see the presentation. Asimo was there too. The first time I saw Asimo in my life. Many people visited today’s show. We should choose another day. But it’s okay, because there were many beautiful cargirls :p Tired just want to sleep
Cao, Zdravo