Today’s Takaosan trip. We will meet Beer at Chofu station at 08.30. Only 5 JUSST students (Me, Colin, Dmitri, Julllieta and Nayeli) participated in this trip that is arranged by CIFA. We met the other CIFA members at 09.30 in front of Takaosanguchi station.
         It was cold, but the other students said “atsui”. I have no idea. I and Nayeli counted how many stairs in one track. It was 233 stairs. There was a temple there, the same temple in Keio lines passnet, but the picture in passnet is more beautiful. In the picture the leaves are red, when we got there the leaves still green.
          Nachte haltestelle -> Shinjuku. We need to sign up for our internet account. A crazy man  entered our train at chofu and keep shouting inside the train. Maybe he’s drunk, but I think he’s crazy. It need one months to activate the internet account.