When I woke up yesterday morning, The only thing in my mind is to figure out how the Tokyo Subway works. To get better understanding of it, is by travelling alone. I went to shinjuku station and bought one day ticket for 1000 yen. It’s quite expensive compare to Paris (about 400 yen)  and Berlin (about 400 yen). But, everything in Tokyo is expensive though.
The first test is to find Indonesian Embassy (somewhere between Meguro and Gotanda). Somehow I took the wrong train that is heading to Haneda Airport. I feel something strange when I can see the sky. Isn’t in one day ticket valid only for UNDERGROUND, how come there is sky??? but finally after 2 hours I found the embassy. Near the Gotanda station I ask an old lady where is Indonesian embassy, she show me the way to the embassy (she’s walking with me to find the embassy). She was very kind. Arigatou Gozaimasu.
After that Shimbashi -> Ginza (take a walk at that place, so many branded store) -> Roppongi -> Akihabara (I went to a bookstore and a small electronic shop) -> Ueno -> Asakusa (temple or shrine?) -> Shibuya (try to find Hachiko statue) -> Shinjuku (ask for an English manual at Sakuraya for my camera) -> Chofu.
I want to upload my photos in Japan, but I still haven’t found my card reader and how to move the photos from my cell phone to my laptop 😦
I have japanese languange quiz this morning. Another languange is waiting to be learned.
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