PDCA for Spending Time Effectively in JUSST Program

(RAI – 0595XXX)



To spend time
effectively in JUSST Program, and make the students not only get the
knowledge about science and technology, but also the Japanese culture during
their stay in Japan


For The University of

– Prepare the
subject that student will take during their JUSST Program

– Provide good
professors and laboratory for these exchange student

– Involve the
student in Japanese Cultural events

– Should make many
excursions for these students to get know more places in Japan

For the exchange students

– Prepare
their plan during the exchange student period.

– Involve in
student activity, either with international student or with Japanese student.

– Visit many
places in Japan,
to get more picture about Japanese society

– Make a check
list what you will do in one week or one month

– Investigate
the academic schedules, when there will be holiday, to effectively use the
holiday time to see Japan
and its culture

– Give
feedback for JUSST program so that it can improve itself


Education and

– Preliminary
study about research that will be conducted in Japan

– Learn to
make schedule about what you will do this semester

– Learn about
Japanese culture before coming to Japan


– Carry out
the following process standard

– Perform
signal management according to the result written in the check list each time



[Short Term]

– Every month
check whether you have fulfill the check list that you have made in the
beginning of that month

– Every month
discuss with your academic supervisor about the advance of your research and

[Long Term]

– Was the work
perform effectively and efficiently or not



– Confirm
whether there is overlapping between academic schedule and your schedule, of
there is, you have give priority to your academic schedule.

– Confirm what
kind of insurance you have, so that you know what will you do if something
bad happened to you during JUSST period

Recurrence Preventive Measure

– Check the
process standard more often; is it easy to observe the process standard or
not, if not revise the process standard